Best Japan Video Games

In the daytime you’re dealing with the main character’s adulterous life, where he has to choose between a straight-edge chick and a promiscuous, happy-go-lucky girl. • When he falls asleep you climb a tower of blocks that you can pull or push, the aim is to get to the top without dying while also sometimes avoiding a monstrosity that loosely symbolises the problems the MC is going through in the daytime, such as a giant arse demon with a tongue and teeth coming from exactly where they shouldn’t. • Weird storyline and visuals asides, it’s actually a really fun game, you should give it a whirl.

Mister Mosquito, • In this game you play as a mosquito living in a Japanese household that needs to draw enough blood from oddly specific body parts in order to survive the winter ahead. • The most famous (infamous?) body part to draw blood from requires you to do so during a woman’s bath time, I’m going to leave it to your imagination as to which part specifically he needs to get blood from. • The game requires you draw blood at just the right speed and if you don’t the human’s stress meter will rise; when the meter is full they will slap you and you get an instant game over.

Takeshi’s Challenge, • To say this game is weird, might be understating it more than a little, it’d be more accurate to describe it as unique, because that’s exactly what it is, especially when you compare it to every other video game that came out at the time. • Instead of one cohesive game, or a collection of fun mini-games, this is an assortment of strange challenges delivered on a Famicon (or NES) cartridge. • One of the challenges requires you to do nothing for an hour, another requires you to sing karaoke into the Famicon’s controller’s mic and get a good score, there’s also a bunch of different requirements to finish the game like quitting your job, punching an old man and getting a divorce.

The Houchi Play, • Japan has a problem with perversion, it’s not uncommon for a man, usually elderly, to try and cop a feel of another woman on the train, this is just one example of this problem, so one developer decided to create a game based on this same line of thought. • Instead of groping, you play as a weird-looking elderly man who tries to peek at presumably under-age girls while they’re getting changed. • That’s it, that’s the entire game right there, since it’s on the 360 the level of nudity is severely diminished compared to if it were on a less censored platform, but somehow this does not reduce the creepy factor whatsoever.

Toilet Kids, • This is another single-track-minded game, except instead of being perverse it’s a game dedicated to toilet humour, although I guess if you’re really fucked up you could consider it perverse, but that’s really beside the point. • The game starts with a young boy sitting on the toilet, the next thing you know you’re playing an auto scrolling over the head shooter, similar to 1942.