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Prime Casino

The online gambling site Prime Casino is one of those rare gems you find when you least expect it. The online casino is powered by Microgaming, which gives them more than 280 online gambling games to participate in. They are offering online slots, video poker, craps, etc. – pretty much everything you can think of you might want in an online casino.

They even have more than 180 large progressive jackpots coming in at more than £5,000,000. They have also upgraded their site so that everything moves faster, including downloads. This will make many of their clients incredibly happy.

Plus they have new graphics and sounds to pull you in and make you truly feel like part of the experience. In fact it is so nice to watch you might find yourself losing hours at a time visiting them.

As mentioned earlier, the online gambling software is easy to download, and even easier to use. It comes in a variety of languages for those that English is not their native tongue which gives them the ability to market to many different countries and nations.

Prime Gaming is responsible for one of the best online backgammon sites, Play 65. The site has the ability to make you feel like you are really there, while giving you some of the best customer service around. They also reward their loyal customers continuously – as they know that loyalty is hard to come by in the online gambling industry.

Betfair Triumphs Again

Betfair has had their day in court and has won, again. Western Australia had tried to put a limitation on the amount of online gambling that could be performed – especially as it pertained to those companies not necessarily within their borders, and the courts have shut them down.

Their politicians and other online gambling companies tried to keep residents from participating in online gambling at Betfair, only to find themselves on the wrong side of the ruling. The High Court challenge that the online gambling company won will set a precedent for many other online casinos as well.

The High Court has ruled that the legislation that they were trying to pass was unconstitutional. They said that it “imposed protectionist burdens on interstate trade” and therefore went against section 92 of their constitution.

As Betfair is truly a worldwide company, they allow players to place their own odds and bets against each other, and then they get a percentage of the bet. The online gambling company claims they process more than five million transactions a day, and more than 300 bets a second. That is a whole lot of betting!

The company has also challenged a West Australian law that places the onus on the online gambling participants, stating that there would be punitive restrictions on any local resident betting using their company or any similar kind of company. They would be looking at $10,000 and a possible two year imprisonment for participating. The High Court also saw these laws as invalid.