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Online Poker FBI Crackdown

Right now the FBI is cracking down on online poker in the United States. Online gambling is illegal, except for surprisingly, in New Jersey. There are some forms of online poker that are legal, but you know, generally speaking, online gambling is illegal in the United States. So what happened is a lot of different websites went abroad and they went to countries like they went to Ireland. They went to Costa Rica and they started operating abroad and they would find ways to trick banks into allowing U.S citizens or people in the U.S to make bank transactions to gamble okay, so they would find ways to disguise the transaction. So it wouldn’t look like online gambling.

Well, the FBI has cracked down on that and they’ve shut down five different popular websites, one of them them is,,, and Those website, if you go to them, have a government seal on them. They’Ve been shut down and they’re no longer operating people in the U.S who gambled on those websites now have their accounts frozen, so they don’t have access to that money which could be disastrous for some right. But the reason. The reason why this story comes up is because there was an interesting turn of events in december now. The whole reason why, december of twenty ten, the whole reason why online poker has been illegal in the United States is because it creates competition for the casinos in the United States right.

So the big casino owners don’t like it except back in december twenty ten. They realized, look, there’s nothing we can do about this people abroad are making millions of dollars off these websites. So if you can’t beat them, why not join them? So there was Cesar’s casinos that attempted to create a partnership with some of these websites, and then there was also Wind industries that wanted to do a similar thing. Now, back in december, Cenk covered this story and I think he did a great job. I want to show you a clip of that video lets.

Watch [, clip ] turns out. You can’t stop the online gambling, no matter how hard you try and no matter how many senators you buy, because people are going to find a way to do it and they have and billions of dollars have flowed out of the country. And now Cesar’s is thinking and they’re the main company. That’S driving this they’re thinking, hey. You know what I want that money so screw that we’re reversing positions.

We want online gambling to be legal and get a load of this for the next two years in order to crush the competition, and every American should be against this. This is exactly what’s wrong with big government right. We want a monopoly for two years. Only established casinos people who run slot machines et cetra can set up online gambling sites after that two years. Maybe we will let our dogs allow others to compete with us, but right now they’re our bought bitches.

So what they’re going to do is they’re going to do our bidding because they’re our master and we pay them [ end clip ], honestly Cenk. It made me miss you in that studio, but yeah hold on hold on look you’re, a hundred percent you’re right in which direction you’re going on this Ana. I had forgotten that I even made that prediction which now turns out to be accurate and you nailed it as soon as I saw that story on them. Shutting down these websites. I thought there you go. The American companies have told their bought government officials.

You know what we want: that monopoly and you’re going to go ahead and shut those sites down those sites have been operating for years on end with no prosecution. Nothing, because why would anybody chase it down? There’S no point in it what-so-ever? Why are you going to bother people in this case the actual clients, their account is frozen, I’d be so mad if they froze my account and my money’s stuck there and you’re, probably never going to get that money back. Imagine how much litigation that it’s going to get tied up in?

Why? Because Cesar’s whats to dominate the market, so they pay of the senators et cetra et cetra, I mean it goes to show you how unbelievably corrupt the United States government is look at this man. They control our government and can get them to do whatever they want they’re trying to clean out the competition, so they can come in and be the only ones in this business. It sickens me – and you see it with every single policy issue – the lobbyists that have the most amount of money who are willing to give the most amount of money to politicians, to their campaigns, always get their legislation passed and that’s the same thing that’s happening with The gambling industry, why does the government need to be involved in my gambling habits at all? If I am a resident in the United States, and I want to gamble online, why should the government be involved?

What what’s up with the big government in this case right? It’S none of their business. This case is even scarier right. First of all, of course, you’re right.

If you’re, conservative or a liberal, you shouldn’t want the government involved in your private life on whether you gamble or you don’t libertarians, obviously agree the american people totally and obviously agree, except we have big government in there anyway right and some will make nonsense arguments. Oh, it’s immoral or whatever come on get off of it. Okay, that train left the station a long long time ago and it never made sense anyway. It was a crazy train to begin with, but that’s not what this is about. The reason why this story is especially scary is because now they’re buying prosecutors, I mean before I mean you, buy a senator and he passes a bill. You like, but prosecutors who’ve, never been bothering these websites before all of the sudden when american companies want to get into that business go around prosecuting those websites.

That’S not a coincidence. That’S obvious that mean our government is so corrupt. You can even buy justice. I mean now we’re really a third world country.