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Web Comic Review

Hey gang,

The Nintendo Game Cube has been a bit busy with RL lately, so the updates have been coming rather slowly. In an effort to turn things around I’m goign to let you all delve into a bit of what I’ve been doing as of late. As I gear up to run the next campaign I’ve been bouncing all over the web reading different Web Comics. Nothing sparks my own sense of creativity than a bit of escapism.

Web comics are nothing new ofcourse but I havn’t really paid them much attention in the past. With a Midnight shift job though I find I have plenty of free time to browse the internet in the wee hours of the evening. So here are a few of my favorite Web Comics, in no particular order.

This comic is really what got me into reading the serial web comics. The comic follows the hijinks of a group of adventurers dubbed The Order of The Stick. This is in reference to the fact that they and every one else in the comic are drawn as stick figures. I know that sounds lame at first but the art is actually pretty good despite being stick figures. The group lives in a D&D 3.5 world. Except it’s more like they know they’re in a D&D 3.5 world. They speak a bit like players do at the table. Using the game terms instead of Roel playing out a narrative. If you are a D&D player you’ll love the comic. If you’re not you may not get all the jokes. The comic updates about 2-3 times a week.

Also hosted at Rich Burlews Giant In The Playground website is Erfworld. To be honest I didn’t liek this comic to begin with. It’s strange and doesn’t make much sense at first. Once you get about a dozen pages into it though and they start fleshing out the story though you’ll understand where it’s going. The art work in this one is very very good. To sum the story up. The inhabitants of Erfworld are locked in a struggle to obtain and control the Arkentools. Some kind of magic artifacts of unknown power which look like every day objects from our real world. Overlord Stanely having lost all of his competant warlords in battle charges his head mistress Wanda to summun the ultimate warlord. Her spell reaches across the multiverse and finds…. Parson Gotti. Parson Gotti is an overwieght Uberdork war gamer. Who just happens to be building a new custom game which has all of the features of Erfworld in it. He is pulled through Wanda’s gate and placed in command of Stanely’s army. Ofcourse there’s much more to the story than that, go read it. Updates 2-3 times a week.

This is an excellent satire on being a game master. Shamus has photo shopped different scenes from the Lord Of The Rings movies, and built a web comic out of them. In the comic he is game master to a party of semi typical gamers as they role play through a LOTR module. In this comic the players have never heard of LOTR. So we the audiance know what’s supposed to happen, the GM knows what’s supposed to happen, but theplayers are just going through it like it’s any other module. They miss important plot devices, kill off the wrong NPC’s and so on. Though the characters seem to be playign D&D you’ll understand what’s going on no matter what game system you play.

Don’t let the black and white pencil drawn art work fool you. This is one of the webs best comics. The story is touching and complex. Yet still light and humorous. How can I sum up this comic. Essentially the story revolves around a seer named Dominic Deagan. Whithout giving too much of the story away, he is a seer with the power of forsight. He get’s visions of the future. His visions are so strong he can take steps to avoid the vissions all together. Kinda liek that Nicholas Cage movie with the exploding stuff in it. The strength of this comic are the relationships between the characters. There’s real love there and not just a string of bad puns and knock knock jokes. Though yes it has those too.

Best thing about Domonic Deagan is that he updates EVERY DAY! The comic is so good he was able to quit his day job and do the comic as a full time job simply on the strength of donations from the fans. That’s how good this comic is. No sponsors, just donations from the fans.

I have to admit it up front. This comic is a chic flick disguised as a web comic. I don’t believe I can discribe this comic in a way that will make sense. What I mean by that is I don’t think i can explain why I like it. All I can ask is that you give it a shot and see what you come up with.

Last but furthest from the least is quite honestly the best web comic on this list. Arguably the best web comic out there period. In terms of both story and art work there’s nothign better on the web. from the talented minds of Phil & Kaja Folio who brought us Phil & Dixie, & the XXXPHiles comes girl genius. You will love this story, I don’t care who you are. I am not goign to even attempt to summarise it for you. It will speak for itself. If you’ve ever read any of the Foglio’s work in the past you already know this is hot stuff.