Weirdest games to come out of Japan

From clump souls to poop themed adventures, we count 15 of the weirdest games to come out of Japan.

15 – Katamari Damacy, • No, it’s not about a catsquid, although that would be pretty awesome, Katamari Damacy actually translates to Clump Soul; it’s a game about collecting a giant ball of stuff that magically sticks together for some reason. • Although it’s actually a pretty well-known game, so I doubt I had to tell you that. • The reason you’re rolling your highly sticky ball around is to collect enough items to create a constellations of stars and the moon, why do you need to do play blackjack online sa? Well your dad, the King of All Cosmos, accidentally destroyed them all.

14 – Face Training, • Worried that your face isn’t strong or cute enough? Well worry no more as this DSi title has come to the rescue, follow various exercises that will improve your face for some reason. • This title is also known as Facening, I’m guessing this is a portmanteau of Face and Training, but the fact that it’s been shortened implies that this is a thing that people regularly do and that baffles me. • I don’t really know what results are expected from following facial exercises, maybe it’s meant to reduce wrinkles or something?

13 – School Days, • Saying that erotic visual novels are big in Japan would be an understatement, sure they’re not played by everyone in the country, but the user-base is big enough that a new one comes out every week or so. • But the fact that this game includes some pixelated genitalia isn’t what got it on this list: if you don’t play the game right (and by play I mean choose the right options when prompted) things get downright disturbing. • In one of the bad endings a character creates a fountain of blood when their neck is slit open, all the while the murderer laughs in a pleasant and totally non-creepy way. • If you feel like thwapping your meat to spurting blood and chilling laughter you can run this game on a potato powered toaster, how do I know this? Err, please don’t tell Mum.

12 – Cho Aniki, • Appaprently there’s an entire subgenre of games in Japan that translates literally into ‘idiot-games’ and Cho Aniki belongs to and possibly epitomises that genre. • The game is chock full of extremely buff me that shoot lasers at each other, to the point where it’s described as homoerotic on just about every website that describes it. • The gameplay is your classic side-scolling shmup, except for the fact that instead of a playing as a space ship or a psychic girl in laces, you play as an inexplicably-flying buff-man wearing a loin cloth that shoots lasers from the top of his head. • The story, if you can call it that, revolves around a tyrant overlord who is hording all of the galaxy’s protein powder and it’s your job to stop him.

11 – Catherine, • For those of you that have played this game, you know exactly how hard it is for me to describe it, but I’m going to give it a shot anyways.